Issue 3

The third issue of Fist Full Of Comics volume two contains the first contribution from a creator outside Australia, in the form of The Fog Of War by Rene Maisonneuve (Canada). Other comics in this issue cover genres ranging from auto-bio to magic realism and sci-fi! The centre-spread comics poem is The Doom Poem, by Sarah Milne.

Cover art by Loren Morris
Fist Full Of Comics logo designed by Clare Oakes

Page count: 32 pages

Dimensions: 148 mm wide x 210 mm tall (A5)

Colour covers with B&W interior pages

Release date: June 2009

This issue contains strong language and is recommended for maturer readers.

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 (three pages)
By Owen Heitmann

Slaughterhouse 5%
 (six pages)
By Mark Hobby (writer) and Steve Colloff (artist)

Comfortably Numbat
 (four pages)
By Ian C. Thomas

Writer’s Block
 (one page)
By Jake Bresanello

The Doom Poem
 (two pages)
By Sarah Milne

 (two pages)
By Anthony Sherratt (writer) and Stewart Cook (artist)

The Fog Of War
 (two pages)
By Rene Maisonneuve

Wildman On A Date
 (two pages)
By Alan Sheldon (writer) and Nick Skeer (artist)

Analogue Blog
 (three pages)
By Dan McGuiness

Fire Mission
 (three pages)
By Darren Koziol

Gods Of Nausea
 (one page)
By Benzin Bullock (writer) and Owen Heitmann (artist)

Back cover by Nu.

All contents copyright their respective creators.